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Vending Services a company established and in operation since 1999, and as the name suggests provides vending services and solutions within Kenya and neighboring countries. We are currently operators of hot beverage, snack and soft drink vending machines. We specialize in the design, layout and implementation of vending systems for the "out of home" market, catering to the needs of companies and organizations with staff or people traffic from as little as 10 up to 10,000. Automated vending services are supermarkets of the future. With all the technical advancement in the present world, vending machines are able to dispense an assortment of consumer products ranging from hot and cold beverages and snacks to non-perishable products like newspapers, postage stamps, dvd renting, cigarettes, air time, parking tickets, laundromats, etc, acting as a marketing tool as well as a point of sale. State of the art technology is able to ensure a 24-hour ready supply of snacks and drinks in work places, educational institutions, service organizations, industries, travel stations, building lobbies and all waiting areas. Therefore, for staff, students, patients, visitors, customers, guests and travelers vending provides the perfect on-hand refreshment service with no waiting time, no queues and no extra service charge, though it doesn't stop there, we plan to cover all aspects of vending in the near future.

We are pioneers in Kenya and pride on becoming leaders in this untapped market. Vending Services are operators of:

1. Nestle Food Services for their Snack/Confectionery vending machines.
2. Nestle Snack Vending Machines and Snack/Soft Drink Combo Vending Machines
3. Nestle Food Services for their Nescafe Hot Beverage vending machines.
4. Coca-Cola Nairobi Bottlers for their Soft Drink vending machines.

Currently we have secured locations for our can soft drink vending machines, snack vending machines, hot beverage vending machines and combo vending machines at AAR Health Services Clinics, Acacia Medical Center, Aga Khan University Hospital, Aga Khan Sports Center, American Embassy,  Anjarwalla & Khanna Advocates, Bamburi Cement Corporate Offices, Brookhouse Secondary School, Brush Manufacturers, Capital Colors, Cellucom, CMC – Land Rover, Computer Pride College, Copy Cat Ltd, DCDM Consultants, Epco Builders, Fina Bank, Fuji Kenya Ltd, Gertrudes Childrens Hospital, GNLD, Greensteds School (Nakuru), Hashmi BBQ, Hillcrest Secondary School, ILRI, IQ Plus Computer Center, Jubilee Insurance, Kencall, Loreto Convent Msongari, Mater Hospital, MFI, MP Shah Hospital, Nairobi Academy, Nairobi Gymkhana, Nairobi Hospital, NIC Bank – Move Zones, Osho Chemicals, Rosslyn Academy, Rift Valley Academy, Safaricom, Securex Ltd, Serena Hotels, Steers Outlets, Tarpo Kenya Ltd, Tile & Carpet Center, United Nations Complex, USIU, Vegpro Ltd, and Visa Handling Services.

Why Vending?
Vending is simply a new way to merchandise products. With time being of essence in today’s fast paced world of fast food chains and drive through restaurants, vending machines are an added convenience. Vending makes life easier, no more waiting in lines, no more inconvenience of finding a canteen or a kiosk for a snack or a beverage. Vending concepts have caught on all over world and you can expect to see a vending machine on every street corner, in every shopping mall, at every gas station, in every lobby, and almost all-waiting areas. For staff, students, patients, visitors, customers, guests and travelers vending provides the perfect on-hand refreshment service with no waiting time, no queues and no extra service charge. Automated vending services are supermarkets of the future.

Why Vending Services?
Vending Services has the experience and the know-how to provide a service that is one of its kind. Our team of technicians and site operators ensure that no machine is empty, or out of stock. With our highly skilled and trained technicians and timely advice from the vending divisions of Nestle Food Services South Africa Ltd and Coca Cola, Nairobi Bottlers Ltd we aim to minimize break-down time. We are totally committed in the satisfaction of our customers paying attention to detail. Every vending machine that Vending Services installs will be maintained with the highest quality standards.

Is vending for you?
If you are an organization or institution with substantial people traffic or waiting areas then vending is an absolute must. If you or your staff spend long hours at work then vending becomes a necessity.

Vending for Schools and Universities
With numerous students and staff craving for a drink or a snack between breaks, vending provides a perfect solution. Unlike a canteen or a kiosk it is available to members of staff and students at any time of the day or night. Universities all over the world have adapted to this concept. Why don’t you?

Vending for Hospitals
We all know how waiting at hospitals is like, whether its to pay the bills, or waiting to see a doctor or visiting friends and relatives. Minutes can seem like hours. Vending machines are ideal for hospitals. Now patients, visitors and staff can enjoy a snack or beverage making those hours more bearable.

Vending in Offices and Lobbies
Vending machines are perfect for office lobbies or building lobbies. Now you and your staff can enjoy the convenience of having a snack or beverage whenever you feel like it without taking time out to go out in to the street. For corporate, company, office, or shop hot beverage requirements vending is the ideal solution. No more messy kitchens, no more boiling water and milk for your daily cup of tea. We’ll do it for you.

Vending at Airports and Shopping Malls
Whether you are waiting to catch a flight or waiting for one, the convenience of a vending machine makes the wait a little less of wait. Strategically placed machines within shopping malls make your visits to the mall a pleasant one. You can easily obtain a snack or beverage, for you or your little ones and carry on shopping.

About the machines
Although automated vending is a new concept in Kenya, operation of our machinery is elementary. The simplicity of operating our vending machines surpasses that of automated teller machines (ATMs). Our machines are durable and problem free. For your convenience, we provide a self-sustained service whereby machines will be installed by us and constantly monitored, restocked and serviced. Our machines are coin operated, and hot beverage machines can be either coin or non-coin operated, accepting the new 5Kshs, 10Kshs, and 20Kshs coins. Note readers and card readers for prepaid or cashless payments systems will be available in the near future. A digital display will inform customers of the amount required, change given, out of stock messages or out of service messages. The machines will also return change and have a coin return option in case the customer changes his mind.

Presently, the soft drink vending machines dispense cold soft drinks in the form of 330ml-340ml cans with brand names: Coca-Cola; Diet Coke; Sprite; Fanta Orange; Fanta Grape; etc. Pricing of products is highly competitive and at par with convenience store rates. PET is soon to be introduced in some machines as well. Our snack vending machines dispense products in these machines will include brand name chocolates like Kit Kat, Aero, Dairy Milk, Mars, and so forth as well as crisp and biscuit snacks. Combination machines are also available if there is a need to minimize space. The snack, soft drink and hot beverage machines come in a variety of sizes depending on your requirement. Combo Snack and Soft Drink machines are also available in order to minimize space.Hot Beverage machines are also available, which dispense Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate. Unlike other conventional vending machines, our machines prepare tea and coffee as you would in any kitchen with each ingredient being mixed separately. The machines use a sophisticated system of brewing fresh brew tea leaves as you would in your home. Our hot beverage machines dispense Tea, Coffee, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate and Masala Tea. The hot beverage machines come in a variety of sizes to satisfy both large and medium sized organizations.

Our new Combi Snack/Soft Drink/Hot Beverage machines also give you all three facilities in one machine.